Whatever happens, don't go to Lola Sayong Eco-surf Camp

Do you really wanna know why? Read on, curious cat.
1) It is located at the south eastern tip of Bicol in Luzon. It's a 14-hour butt numbing bus ride and you'll pass by gorgeous mountains and beaches along Atimonan, Quezon.
2) This place is so chill you wouldn't dare go anywhere else. Trust me. My plan was to check out the next day and visit some nearby provinces BUT. THAT. DIDN'T. HAPPEN. I ended up staying here from Wednesday til Friday. Lola Sayong Eco-Surf Camp is all about good times and good vibes! <3
3) ..and when I say chill, I mean it. No internet access (for Globe users), no TV, no fancy hotels. Disconnect yourself from social media and technology and get ready to be welcomed with something better: kubo, beach front, coconut trees, detox area where you can't smoke, drink alcohol, or play loud music. You can't use your boom-box-ala-theater-big-ass-expensive-bluetooth speakers. Instead, you'll hear the relaxing waves of the beach. Imagine how cal…

GUIMARAS: Home of the sweetest mangoes and more!

Guimaras, home of the sweetest mangoes, is probably one of the most beautiful provinces I've visited in the Philippines. It can be reached in less than 20 minutes from the port in Iloilo. It is a small island but it has loads to offer than just sweet mangoes!
I arrived at Iloilo International Airport around half past 11PM from Manila (our flight was delayed but thanks AirAsia for the sweet deal! Got my RT tix for 2k booked a week before the flight). Getting to the town proper where the cheap rooms are were a bit difficult. Vans going to the city were no longer available when we landed but good thing I was able to share a taxi ride with 4 other passengers and paid only Php100. 
I stayed at Queen's Inn near SM Iloilo and paid only Php330.00. If you're looking for a cheap but clean room to stay, Queen's is one of the best options. It is walking distance from SM Iloilo and the room I stayed in was clean and huge. They have a fixed rate of Php250 for the first 3 hours and …

Ciudad de Zamboanga: A Short Trip To Asia's Latin City

Tell your parents you're off to Zamboanga and you'd probably see her old tsinelas flying directly at you. She'd question why of all the places you can visit here in the Philippines, bakit Zamboanga?
...but why not Zamboanga?
This was my third attempt to visit Zamboanga - and I'm glad my roundtrip tix didn't go to waste! My first attempt was cancelled as my Dad didn't really want me to go, despite the lies I told him that I wasn't flying solo! Second was a bummer. My vacation leave request was not approved. 
Third was as sweet as a rainbow cake. I told my Dad I needed to go to Zamboanga just to taste their famous Curacha and visit the one of a kind pink beach of Sta. Cruz Island. He said, "Okay. Sige. Ingat ka." Sweet. 

After flying for 80 minutes from Manila via Cebu Pacific Air (thank you so much for the amazing seat sale!), I finally reached Asia's Latin City: Ciudad de Zamboanga. I was surprised how amazing the airport looked like! Nothing comp…

Palawan: Philippines' Last Frontier

If you're one of the #BayaningPuyats (aka BPO employee), I bet my two cents you'd agree that there's a very slim to zero chance of getting you VLs approved. 
What if it is your birthday and you only have two days (restdays) and you want to spend it somewhere you won't forget but you are too scared it won't be as fun because A) you will be flying solo as your schedule sucks monkeyballs and B) bitin ang two days vacation? 
Why not consider flying to Palawan? Sounds impossible? NOPE! I just did it, friend!

Palawan, aka Philippines' Last Frontier, is probably one of the best islands I've visited. Not only it is the place where the famous underground river is located but it also has the best beaches not just in the country but across the world. 
Visiting Palawan is very easy! There are airlines that offer flights from Manila, Cebu and other International Airports in the country. One way fare usually costs Php1,500+ from Manila but if you're lucky, you can g…

Chasing Waterfalls in The Land of The Dreamweavers: South Cotabato

Lake Sebu in South Cotabato is a perfect place for travel junkies, adventure seekers and soul searchers. Despite the awful news media is spreading, South Cotabato is actually a pretty safe place to visit even for solo travelers. 
South Cotabato, as one of the locals mentioned, is one of the best summer destinations in Mindanao due to it's cool and relaxing climate. 
If you are in for a thrill, don't miss the opportunity to try Southeast Asia's highest zipline in Lake Sebu. Experience flying like an eagle and witness the beauty of the seven falls for only Php250.00

Three out of the seven falls can be easily accessed while the rest requires a special permit and a trusted tour guide (but the best way to view them is by riding the zipline!).

T'boli is also known as the Land of The Dreamweavers. They weave abaca fiber and create amazing patters like butterfly, clouds, etc. Making one T'nalak costume requires days or even weeks of hard work.

Aside from waterfalls and dr…

Baler: A Summer To Remember

If you are looking for a relaxing nightlife over a bottle of beer or two, friendly locals and fresh seafood, Baler, Aurora has got your back. Sun, sand, beach, surf and anything else in between is here. 
Walk around and explore the town and have a chitchat with the friendly locals. Visit Museo de Baler and know more about the rich history of the place. Crash against the strong waves of Sabang Beach anytime of the day.

First time surfers need not worry as Surf Gurus are scattered everywhere. An hour of surfing lesson costs Php350 (guide included) or if you already are a pro, surfboards can be rented for Php200 an hour. 

Wether you are a tight-budget or big time traveler, looking for a place to stay in Baler is very easy. Solo travelers can stay at The Circle Hostel (which is my fave! They also have a branch in La Union). If you are traveling in a group, there are a lot of transient houses around or you can opt to stay in places like Costa Pacifica (one of Sabang's luxurious hotels).


The North Remembers

It has been over a year since I went on a solo trip to the place where broken hearts go, or the city of pines, or the summer capital of the Philippines, or simply Baguio. 

I know exactly where we celebrated our first anniversary, the place where we stayed, the restaurant we visited to have lunch, the garden where we talked about what's ahead of us, the mines view, the place where we bought fresh lettuce, and above all the that, the place we called home for three days - our happy place. 
From hours of bus ride to walking an endless road. From looking for a place to stay to hugging you real tight on that cold night. From dining in a fancy restaurant to eating Luck Me! beef noddles with fresh veggies.
It may be sad that we have taken a different route to free ourselves and to give us what we really want but I am also happy at the same time since we can now do the things we want, whatever we want, whenever we want. 
From small arguements to leave-me-alone. From birthday surprises to w…